It Happened in Key West is the true 1930's story of an x-ray technician who finally meets the girl he has been envisioning and desperately seeking since he was a teen, only to diagnose her with tuberculosis and learn that she is married.  
How can he win over the woman he has sought all his life and save her from a certain death?
What follows are his desperate and unorthodox attempts to save her life at all costs, and the undying love he displays when she succumbs to her illness.

Does this undying love show devotion beyond measure, the purest of loves?  Or a sick, macabre sensibility?  This true story stirred and divided the Key West community with intrigue, disgust, sympathy and romanticism over the scientist who became hopelessly inseparable from the woman of his dreams. 

Funny, surprising, sentimental, and heartwarming -  this is like no musical you have ever seen!